Friday, 24 June 2011

Another habitat vanishes..

...but this time it's nothing to do with wildlife. Habitat has just confirmed that the chain has been sold and all stores nationwide except the three London stores will be closing. Habitat has struggled financially for years now: although the concept of fresh and unusual design was completely unique to the British high street upon launch in the 80s, mass copies have undercut them in price (although not quality). I'll be sorry to see it disappear but I have to admit to a feeling of vulture-like excitement that's making me feel disgusted with myself. Voila, my shopping list for the "closing down sale"...
Marcel Li coat rack (£150)
Terracotta chicken brick (£30)
Tivoli tagine (£22)
Two of these "Tiffany" breakfast in bed trays (£22)

Perle light fitting (£30)
Emmanuelle pendant light (£50)

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