Sunday, 10 July 2011

Bathtubs in the garden

When I think of a bathtub in the garden, it's usually in a "oh, that's a good idea for mint, the roots wouldn't spread" sort of way. But having spent a sizable portion of the morning being chased from my own garden by the rain, it occured to me that sitting in a roll-top tub in a scented garden and getting rained on would actually be rather a pleasant experience. Until I convince Mr Lisbonite that removing the bathroom roof and planting extensively around the tub is a good thing, I suspect that this is a dream that will remain forever on this blog. Still, one can hope!

Pics via La Paix Herb Farm, Good Long While, Coastal living and Bali Villas Rent.


  1. Nice, i have never seen a bath water fountain but it looks pretty good considering its a bath.

  2. Amazing ideia..a lot of creativity =) I love the first photo.

  3. Interesting idea! I have to say that I LOVE it


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